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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Circle of Events Casting Call....

Sheng Moua Productions (SMP) is honored to be working with Circle of Events as the main Casting Director and Fashion Director for their first Ad Campaign.  Susan Vang-Xiong is the owner and founder of Circle of Events.  Susan is a wedding and event planner, among a great vast of other things she does for the community. Not only is she great at what she does, but she pours her heart into anything she touches, creating your ultimate fantasy weddings.  Passion is her driver and the outcome of Circle of Events is proof of how this lovely lady has made her dream come true. Susan has a way of making every bride feel as if she's on top of the world. This is the bride's greatest moment and she understands how important this day is. She goes over and beyond and puts her personal touches on everything to ensure the bride has the most unique and one of a kind experience ever. Although COE is based out of the Central Valley, Susan is also a destination wedding planner. She will travel anywhere her bride and groom needs her.   

We are going to be casting for the very first Circle of Events (COE) wedding ensemble.  You will be the face(s) of COE representing the everyday American bridal party.  The campaign will be used for the website and several other promotional purposes.  

The casting call for COE's first styled bridal shoot will be this Sunday Oct 14, 2012.  

See casting information below:

*****************MODEL CASTING***************

BRIDES, GROOMS, BRIDAL PARTY with lots of personality! 

Casting Date: Sunday, Oct 14, 2012
Time: 12noon-3pm 
City: Fresno, CA
Location: The Fresno Ballroom (SEE INFO BELOW)
Rate: TFP (Trade/Time for print) with a CD of images for your portfolio

Photo Shoot Date: Wednesday Nov 7, 2012

FEMALE: Wear a dress, heels and come with natural or no makeup. 
MALE: Come dressed nicely with a tie or bow tie. Suit jacket is optional. 

Models: Experience preferred but not necessary.
Age: Must be 16 and over and will need a signed parent consent if selected for the shoot.


We are looking for different ethnicity and a specific number of people to represent different concepts of the everyday bridal party. 

If you or you know of anyone who is interested, please share this information and we will see you on the 14th!

See you all soon


Q & A

1.  What should I wear? 

Ladies: wear a simple dress of your choice so you'll feel feminine and romantic. 
A formal dress is not necessary. Wear heels (stay away from wedges if possible) and very little or no makeup. 
Men: Dress nice. bring or wear a tie and a jacket is optional. 

2.  What should I bring? 

Nothing. Just come as you are. 

3.  Is there an application that I need to fill out? 

There will be one supplied for you at the casting. Please know your measurements. Measuring tape will be supplied on set if you don't know them. 

4.  Is there a specific height or body requirement? 

No. We are looking forward to see everyone! If you are a newly engaged couple, please come together. We like real chemistry! :) 

5.  Do I have to have experience? 

If you've taken photos in front of a camera then you qualify. 

6.  Can I take a friend? 

Please do not bring anyone who will not be participating in the casting call. If you do, please ask them to wait outside. 

7.  How long will the casting be? 

The casting call is between 12 noon til 3pm. It's first come, first serve so be prepared to wait if there's others waiting in front of you. 

8.  November 7th is a Wednesday? 

Yes, the shoot will be on a Wednesday because we are working with other clients who are catering to weddings on the weekends so the weekdays are our only option. 

9.  Do I have to bring a portfolio? 

If you have one, please bring it, but not necessary 

10.  Do I have to bring a headshot? 

If you have one, please bring it, but not necessary 

11.  What if I'm under 18 years old? 

You must be at least 16 years old.  You can still come to the casting call but if you are selected, you must provide a signed parent consent form. 

12.  What is TFP? 

TFP stands for Time or Trade for Print.  This means that the client's compensation for this specific project is exactly that.  Your time for prints of your finish images that you will be able to use for your portfolio or reprint for your personal use. 

13.  Will I have to sign a Model Release Form? 



If this is your first Casting Call, please don't worry about anything. It's a very fun process and a great way for us to meet.  There's a first for everything so just come with an open mind and have fun! 

See you at the casting my friends.. and just be yourself! 


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