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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Day is finally here!

It has been such a long time coming for this amazing amazing weekend. Aside from being born, getting married and having my son, I have found the one true light in my life, which is my love for the lord.  I've been a Christian all my life but it means nothing if you don't know who God is or if you don't have a relationship with him. This is a topic all on it's own so I won't dwell on it, however, this weekend was a changing factor in my life, my journey and the new me.  My husband and I got baptized!! 

My mom was always encouraging me to get baptized but I always knew I wasn't ready.  I never felt the need to do so until just recently when I truly found him and I learned about the love he has for me.  The decision to get baptized was all me and the feeling of rejoice and forever love is only between me and my lord.  We were baptized at Corona Del Mar in Orange County by our pastor Jack Hibbs from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.  Our church has a congregation of thousands so it was also our first time actually meeting and shaking his hand, so altogether, the whole experience was just priceless. I've never had such a big smile on my face and when Pastor Jack laid me in the water, the water was so calm and I raised up knowing that I was shedding my past and leading a new life, the best life ever! 

The things I have to look forward to is just endless. I am so proud of myself, my husband and my best friend Pak who also made the decision (15 mins prior) to also get baptized with us as well.  What a day to remember and what a weekend to live through.  My friends and family who are so near and dear to my heart were all there (along with my MN family who were there in spirit) and everything was nothing less than perfect! Here's our photos 

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Friday, July 27, 2012


What a great evening it is. I find myself looking forward to Friday's "Concert in the Park" here at our local park. Tonight was a tribute band to Tim McGraw and next week will be a tribute band to "Chicago". We get to spend time with our friends and family and just hang out. Tonight was a little chilly so we didn't hang out too long afterwards but nonetheless, it was still fun to get ready and see one another. This weekend is going to be really exciting because we have our brother and sister in law coming into town. We have lots of fun things planned such as "girl time", wine tasting, visiting a cousin nearby and just catching up...One of the most exciting part about this coming weekend is Sunday the 29th when my husband and I finally get baptized. It's been a very long time but it's finally here and I can't wait! 

If you are on Instagram, I've officially created an account: Follow me: smbeautyforashes

Top: At The Feet's "I Love John 3:16" tee l Cardigan: NY&CO l Tights: Generation V
Purse: H&M l Necklace: Goodwill find l Shoes: Free Press l Sunnies: Versace 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday's OOTD...

I posted these photos on Facebook but with my TV production schedule, I didn't get a chance to update my blog in time. These are just a few photos from last week when I was finishing up my last pulls before the weekend.  It was so hot and I didn't want to wear shorts (I hardly wear shorts) or pants so I slipped on this very cute and flowy polka dotted skirt that I got from H&M. There's a fitted slip underneath so although the top is flowy, the slip keeps everything intact. My top was gifted to me by my sister Kashia. It's a collared button up and is actually a very nice green. I tucked it in for a little bit of sophisticated appeal and just added a touch of color with my belt and necklace. With polka dots and stripes, it's very easy to fall on the "tacky" side so break it up with solids and colors. Keep it minimal and you'll be alright. 

After the day ended was when we went to "Concert at the Park" with the OOTN that I have on my previous blog. I didn't want to add more photos to that blog so that's why this one is by itself. Tomorrow night is another "Concert at the Park" with a Tribute to Tim McGraw. Can't wait!  

I'm on my way out to find a new dress for a Fashion Show I am attending tonight. Will update on the show tomorrow..

Have a great day! 

Top: Gifted by my sister l Cardigan & skirt: H&M l Shoes: Chinese Laundry l Belt: Nordstrom
Necklace: Forever21 l Glasses: Generation V l Purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy
Jewelry: Mixed of mine and a beautiful bangle from Thailand that my mom gifted me

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's a Wrap!

It's been a very long weekend because we finally wrapped "Have you met Miss Jones?". It's a new TV Pilot that we shot with a wonderful cast and crew. I've worked in television before and it's always long days and hours. It's very exhausting but also very exciting. I had my friend and assistant Patrick Barraquio (whom I can't do anything without) and my side kick Jesse Lopez who also worked as the main Set Designer. I had such a great time and I met so many wonderful people. The writer David Mattia, omg I love him to death and can sit and listen to him talk all day. Writers fascinate me so much because the things they have in their head just amazes me. I've tried writing in the past but after 60 or so pages, I got bored.. needless to say, I never finished anything. I do plan on writing a book one day so hopefully it'll spark me again lol. I had the great pleasure of working with Academy Award winner Patty McCormack, Art LaFleur, Dot Jones and James Kyson Lee among other amazing actors such as the co-writer, actor and Executive Producer, James Di Giacomo who was our main actor for the character Angelina Jones (Miss Jones). His character is so contagiously cute. I fell in love with her and wish I could be friends and go shopping with her! I have to say, I will miss Angelina Jones very much (until we shoot again I hope). The script was so brilliantly written and the humor still cracks me up just thinking about it. I learned a lot of new things too on this set vs what I've done in the past so I'm excited to see what's coming up next. 

I have lots of photos so you can always go to my facebook fan page for more. I'm also posting photos from my Friday night "Concert at the Park" since I didn't get a chance to do so before the weekend started.  

Top: BeautyForAshes T-shirt l Tights: Generation V l Sweater: Forever21
Purse: Burberry l Shoes: Ed Hardy l Watch: NY& CO l Bangles: Vintage finds
Necklace: Gifted - Swarovski l Hat: local boutique l Sunnies: Oliver Peoples
Derek (In red) and Prince are wearing the newest ATF T-shirts


Thursday, July 19, 2012

My golden shoes...

It's been a long day but I've managed to get everything I needed out of the way. One more trip tomorrow and I'll be ready for the weekend.  I do look forward to getting dressed up in the mornings because I always try to have fun with whatever is still hanging in my closet. I'll usually start with one piece of garment (i.e. my top) and base everything around it. I have a lot of black in my closet so I'm always trying to mix and match.  I also don't want to wear the same outfit twice (the same way) so it can get a little tricky trying to make something old look new.  The last thing I do is look for my shoes, my purse and then I'm done. 

I call these my "golden shoes" because they've been in my closet for at least 8 years and today was the first time I've worn them. I have another golden pair of heels but I've worn those before.  These are so comfortable but I was never able to find an outfit to go with it. I guess I wasn't trying hard enough.  They are a size 5 and being that my foot shrunk, it fits like a glass. 

I love my job because I get to shop almost everyday. Of course, I don't always shop for myself but I always stop in to look, try on a few things and I'm on my way...  I have a photographic memory when it comes to wardrobe so I'll know exactly what the store has, where it's located and what the latest trends are...crazy, I know. 

One last thing I'm wearing are these adorable Sunnies from Trendy Hip Buys (my favorite online vintage boutique). I love how they look, the size and mostly the functionality of it. I wish these were prescriptions! I have a few more from THB's that I haven't worn yet.. Stay tuned for more.. 

Cardigan and Blouse: H&M l Skirt: NY&CO. l Shoes: BCBG l Clutch: Vintage w/crocodile pattern
Sunnies: Trendy Hip Buys l Belt: Goodwill 

Super cool glasses.  They do look like Minnie Mouse ears too right? I'll bet you people at Disneyland will be asking me like crazy where I got these glasses! I can't wait to wear them the next time we go there. 

Tomorrow is "Concert at the Park" featuring a Tribute Band for The Eagles and we'll also be wearing our newest ATF and BFA tees! 

Have a great evening!