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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall Forecast!

It's been so hot here in SoCal and just stepping outside for the mail has been rough.  I know we have it good compared to other parts of the country but since this is all I know, I guess I'm a little spoiled.  I haven't been out much but the little times that I did step out, I made sure to dress as simple as possible. I do own a lot of black so the color in itself does not like the sun :)

I'm so excited that the FALL is coming! The Summer has been so hot that I am so ready for the next season to be here already.  Fall is the best season ever because I love to overlap and play with a variety of dresses, pants to skirts. I also love scarves and warm soft hats so I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season.  Rain also comes along with Fall but the more reason to load up on my umbrella collection as well.

My Fall Trend Forecast:

Colors: Black is staying and can still be incorporated in anything you wear. Black leather gloves (short cut) will be very hot along with tight fitted leather jackets as well.  You are looking at more of a fitted shorter cut versus a longer looser fit. Of course the leather trench is and will always be in style just like your khakis trench. Like I said before, I love the overlap concept of Fall and believe it or not, I see plaid coming back! Yes, I just have a real gut feeing about it.  Deep rich hues of purple, yellow, green, navy blue and fuscia will also play a huge role this season. Patterns will continue to Fall as well but less floral print and more geometric shapes will arise. Skinny belts have been a huge trend for the Winter, Spring and Summer but I have a feeling that large belts will start to sneak in again this season. You can always use your skinny belts over (overlapping.. :)) your large belt to give it that extra touch of love.

Nails: Natural hues are always great for everyday wear but I think you'll see lots of creativity in this segment as well along with the Fall rich hues of purples, pinks and black. Nail art has truly become the latest fad and although I never thought I'd rock nail art, I'm actually having second thoughts about it.  I would still stick to softer and more classier nail art like a different color french tip (black and white) or even a soft hue of polka dots to give it a monochromatic affect.  It's not too much but fun and still safe enough for the office.  As much as I loved NEON this summer, I think it's going to slowly slip away for the Fall.  The yellows and purples I think can still slip in with the new season fashion but the orange and greens will probably be too bold.

Shimmer Shimmer: Who knew that shimmering wardrobe would have lasted this long. Remember those days when you only wore pieces with "bling" for a special occasion? I bought a pair of silver metallic Manolo Blanik that I was purposely saving for those "special" occasions but now I can wear them with anything! Fashion has truly come full circle.  Everywhere you turn, there's a shirt, skirt, dress or shimmer shimmer pair of pants that can be paired up with your everyday wife beater, white tee or a simple tank with blazer. I'm so happy with how Fashion has become nowadays because I was teaching Personal Development during the days of "your finger and toe nail polishes have to match, you can't wear open toe shoes with stockings... oh and you have to wear nylons when wearing a skirt!" lol this is so wild that I am now part of this Fashion circle and has seen it all.  If you don't have a piece of Shimmer Shimmer in your closet, I'd say grab one because it's going to be around for awhile.  Make sure you keep it neutral so you can wear it again without it being too obvious! Classic pieces are key this season.

White: I think everyone used to know the number one rule for white right? Never wear white after Labor Day.. It's funny now because White has never made such a statement before.  White is everywhere now and believe it or not, everyone is wearing it.  It's a very confident color and even I am a little afraid of it but it's a beautiful transparency of what color truly is.. It may be white but it saids so much about you and the pieces you choose to wear. I say wear white and wear lots of it... Mix it up with stripes, color, patterns and bold jewelry. This is the time to have fun and make fashion your own.

Here are some pics that I found from the latest Vogue and Elle Magazine... I'm in love!


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