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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Circle of Events Experience

I don't usually blog about a job because although I love what I do, it's still a job.  After working with Circle of Events on their 2013 Campaign, I had to blog about the lovely lady behind the name.

If you aren't married, you'd want to be after being around Susan, the owner and wedding consultant for Circle of Events.  This young and bright entrepreneur glows with passion and works like there's no tomorrow.   I had the opportunity to witness how this project blossomed from a casual conversation to actually booking the shoot, casting and finally styling the campaign. It seems like a blur now but the experience in itself was nothing less then perfection.

I've known Susan for awhile but to experience the wedding consultant, was a different story.  Susan exudes professionalism, compassion, emotion, sensitivity, and true love for what she does.  Even with a hundred things on her plate, her first priority was always on personnel. She was genuine in making sure we were happy, fed, and as eager to be part of this project as she was. She never once doubted the project or complained that it was too much work.  She listened, learned, gave inputs and ultimately made very important decisions.  She worked hard using the very best of her resources to ensure this project would be the best it could be.  Our crew consisted of individuals from Montana, LA to the Central Valley. This is the work of one hard working lady that we all loved so much.

The casting and shoot went great. Like all projects, there were obstacles in the way but there's nothing this lovely lady couldn't handle. Not only was she the client but she was also the Creative Director who knew exactly what she wanted. I watched as she did what she does best by running around town to meet with her clients one by one all the while still working on other projects consecutively.

Susan is a Destination Consultant so if you need someone who truly is invested in you with that extra touch of care, then Circle of Events is your final destination.  It's a one stop shop and this leading lady will become family because that's her number one motto... Treating you like family and taking care of your every need in the only way she knows how... with professionalism, commitment and her whole heart... with a cherry on top!

Call Susan for a consultation for your wedding or event.  Let her turn your wedding fantasies into a dream come true! If anything, you just have to meet her! Your life will be so much better because of it!



Photographer: Youa Vang of Youa Photography 

Lastly, I also wanted to take this time to thank my personal team, Amy and Alana, for everything you did. I couldn't have done this without you both. Thanks to Sandy, Susan's personal assistant for everything you did. You always go over and beyond what you do, which speaks a lot about who you are working for. To Youa, our amazing photographer who always kept everything so fun and exciting. You truly are great at what you do and have an eye for nothing but the best. To the models: Some of you modeled for the first time and wow, you truly blew us away! Thank you for being so professional, respectful and humble throughout the whole project. You made our jobs so much easier. We walked away with new friendships for a lifetime. To our beautiful hair and makeup team: You guys rocked! Thank you so much for your love and creativity. To Dong of My Decor, your work is impeccable and speaks for itself. You are a secret gem hidden in the Central Valley, ready to spread your wings! I say go for it! 

To Phillip and Cherpeek... Thank you for your kind hearts, your creative eyes and all around patience. We look forward to seeing your art as well and to many more future projects together! 

If you would like to be the next bride(s) or groom(s) for the next Circle of Events campaign, make sure you add her on Facebook! (Circle of Events on Facebook)

Til the next COE event..... Thanks for joining me on this venture. 

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