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Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Obsessions

I started this post yesterday... 

It finally rained (ok, sprinkled) today and I got to take out my Marc Jacobs umbrella to walk Aidan to school! Of course, Aidan saw all the flowers and immediately asked for his "cars" umbrella. As I walked him to school, I had on my morning sweat pants, a simple tee and a thin sweater. This is normal for our everyday California weather, but this morning was different...It was chilly, the weather has definitely changed and the air was nice and clean. I jumped as I saw slugs and worms on the ground, but all the while in my head I was thinking, What to wear tomorrow morning? The time has arrived for all my winter obsessions! 

Today... continues... 

The usual coat and scarf is always in need during this time of year. I'm going to Georgia next week and I have a sudden realization that I am actually not Winter ready... at least not for any other Winter but the California one. I am not ready for wind, rain or snow...  I'm a little worried I have to say. My solution.... is layering! I do have many ways to layer my current wardrobe pieces and perhaps even taking out those bulky sweaters that I stashed away. I love my fitted Calvin Klein tees so those are still a must have for my layering endeavors. I actually wore one out today with my boyfriend jeans and a bulky knitted sweater from HM.  Instead of the normal beanie, I will probably incorporate more winter scarves as headpieces. I'm on this current scarf headpiece frenzy so I need to find more creative ways of amping that up for the winter as well. I'm excited! 

Here are some must haves that I am going to be seeking for... I hope you have a great Winter and enjoy it because it's going to pass us by way too fast...  Have a great weekend my friends! 

By the way, I currently obsessed with the new Zara 2013 Winter Collection!.. especially the mens!  

Allure Magazine Scarf and Trapper Hat

Happy Winter!

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