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Friday, June 15, 2012

My Last day with Kashia

It's been so great having my little sister here with me for a month.  It was originally only supposed to be for a week but her flight got extended and its now a month later and today's her last day with me before she flies out to NY tonight! I'm so thankful to Yer Hang, Mark Rayburn, Prince and Franz for making this trip happen.  I am so lucky to have a sister and although she's now living in NY, we still get to see each other and really enjoy the time we have with one another.  We made memories that'll last a lifetime and I thank god for giving us this time to do so.

Kashia, I love you with all my heart and I will truly miss you.  You've made our home warm again for a month and after you leave, there will be an emptiness here for awhile.  I hope you come back soon because here you'll always have a home. Thank you for taking care of Aidan, washing dishes, cooking dinner and just being my passenger everywhere I go.  There's nothing that can ever replace you.  I love you with all my heart... I carry you in my heart.

Today we went and had lunch with two of my besties Mark and Rey for lunch then we stopped at the San Antonio winery for some Stella Rosa that we'll enjoy with Prince's famous rib dinner tonight.  Franz, we will pack you some too!

My sister, my heart is tearing apart knowing that tomorrow I won't see you when I wake up.. My son will be asking about you and my heart will break once again...  I can't believe you are leaving again.. gosh I miss you so much already.  May god be with you and may he bring us back together again one day.  I love you soooo much!

Kuv yuav nco nco koj os mog...  Kuv hlub koj ntshaj plaws li os nawb.. es mus koj ho tuaj os kuv lub nplooj siab, kaj siab tus kuv yuav nco mus tag ib sim neej os mog.

I'm always digging for my keys 

I bought myself some Cardinale and Moscato

**** Below are just some photos of our time together while she was here ****

**** Then onto the airport ****

- I love you sister...... Come back soon!


  1. Awww... You gals make me miss my sister,too!

  2. Hi, great post. Sisters are the best and it's always hard to be away from them for so long. Thanks for sharing your sister memories!

  3. I love you sister... Thank you for bringing me back to life...I'm so glad I got the chance to stay with you longer then we all expected... I loved every moment we spent together...I wish we can only continue it...but I know we will when you visit me here in NY... Thank you for everything that you, Prince & Aidan have done for me while I was there... My heart is forever with you guys... & your home will always be my home... that's where I feel most at peace... I love you