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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A little Polka Dot

I love this little button up, orange t-shirt, polka dot dress because it's a little bit of casual and a little bit of fun. I've had it in my closet for about a year (maybe 2) and this is just the 2nd time I've worn it.  It felt like new again.  This season has really allowed us to play with every color, pattern and mix matching of different textiles, colors to prints.  I remember when Fashion had a "rule" now it's all about being an individual and expressing who you are on the inside out.  I say, take that challenge and have lots of fun with it. I look forward to dressing up everyday and going through my Dollhouse to see what I can put together... These are photos from yesterday and I'm already excited about today.

I also got a call late last night about an EXCITING new project and I'm so happy. I can't announce it just yet but wow, when one door closes, another opens right up, so don't ever give up hope.  God is always watching out for us and of course, already knows how it's going to be.  Anyway, I have a business meeting on Thursday and you know I'm already thinking ahead.. What to wear? ...  To be continued.....

Dress: H&M/Cardigan: Ann Taylor/Belt: Vintage/Sunnies: Oliver People's The Chelsea
Handbag: Vintage/Necklace and gold studds: Gifted by my sister/Shoes: Michael Kors
Watch: Target/Ring: Forever21


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