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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Dressing Room - H&M

Come with me inside the dressing room as I shop! I don't always buy everything but sometimes I specifically choose items that makes sense so I can show you how to put them together.  As you know, we are not allowed to bring accessories into the dressing room so you'll notice that it's usually the same jewelry pieces that I was already wearing for the day.  Keep in mind that everyone's body is different and we all have our own style and taste. These just happens to be mine and if you like something I'm wearing then by all means, go for it.. Have fun and take some risks! 

These were shot at H&M at South Coast Plaza. There are so many wonderful shops at that mall and if you are not from the SoCal area, SCP is a Designer Mall (Think indoor Rodeo Drive). I love this mall and I usually go there when I'm ready for my next Chanel, LV, Gucci or to get Prince a gift from Giorgio Armani.  I also go there for Zara, Steve Madden and Mango.  

I was meeting a friend close by so Prince and I decided to drop by SCP for a little "Dressing Room" fun....  Enjoy! 

More to come from ZARA! 

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