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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yvette Yates, a young rising star!

I wanted to take this time to talk about one of my newest friend, Actress Yvette Yates, who has five films out this year.  There are plenty of articles featuring this amazing actress, but I am going to speak on behalf of the "real" person I met and someone I now consider my friend. I have been in the Industry for over 20 years now and I have had my share of the "Do not speak to the artist or the Producer" to the Kelly Rowland, who helped me carry all my wardrobe items to my car!
(Oh yes she did!!.. her and her crew!) 
and now with Yvette, it truly makes what I do worth it. 

Yvette is a very sweet, humble and down to earth person.  We met on set for an editorial, press and promotional photo shoot a few weeks ago and I was her wardrobe stylist.  Immediately after meeting her, I felt as if I've already known her for years.  She's so funny and always laughing. She makes being on set very fun and very relaxing.  We met again a week later to talk about a few of her upcoming events and as I waited for her in the middle of crazy downtown LA, an average girl next door, dressed in jeans and a plain tank walks up to me with the biggest smile and warmest hug ever.  Yvette is so naturally beautiful and with such a humbleness to her, it just makes you want to be around her all the time.  I found out immediately that she's allergic to cats, which is so cute because my dear friend and designer Adolfo Sanchez (I will be featuring him as well) had two cats.  Yvette was sneezing the whole time but never complained. She was so sweet and just kept on truckin like the professional she was.  We talked, we laughed, we took silly pictures together and we ultimately found her some amazing pieces for her upcoming 2 events.   

Her first movie is coming out on May 11th so make sure you check it out and go support her.  Look out for this amazing young ingenue as she rises to the top.  You're going to see great things from her and I wanted to make sure I featured her as the person I personally got to know.  Due to the direction of my blog and who I am, I don't write about anything or anyone I don't believe in.  In this industry you could either choose to be used or choose to pick who you want to work with.  I have been in the industry too long to know who I am today and who I want to surround myself with.  If I'm going to work my butt off for someone, I better enjoy every minute of it and when you work with people like Yvette who truly appreciates what you do, then its all worth it. I don't work for the celebrity, I work for the person he or she is inside. Behind our "titles" of actress and stylist, its the person that truly matters.  

For more information on Yvette, I've listed some links below regarding her professional career as an actress and I've also included some behind the scenes of our photo shoot, her press junket and a few pictures of us just having fun! 


Twitter: @yvetteyates
For interview requests, pictures and information on the El Gringo press day at the beginning of May, please contact LAPR, Louise Ashby at: or (323) 592-3181

The Business Journal:
Yvette Yate's IMDB profile:
Yvette Yate's Official FB Page:
Yvette Yate's Office website:
Link to her upcoming movie El Gringo After Dark Action :
Interview with Yvette via Networked blogs:

Behind the scenes at our Editorial Photo Shoot

Press Photos: Courtesy of Yvette: @her press junket for El Gringo 

I love this photo of us posing in "Queen Grace" Head pieces

Love you girl and so proud of you! I can't wait to watch the movie!

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