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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Testimonies of Love and Truth

I'm an open book and that's what my blog is all about.  If I can help inspire, motivate or change you in a positive manner, then the honor is all mine.  Not only am I helping you, but you are helping me be strong for the purpose of what I do everyday. This is what my blog is all about... the testimonies I receive from those that I am able to touch. 

Thank you for all your kind words and for helping me keep my light alive. These are just a few of the great testimonies from my facebook accounts, emails, letters etc... 

My heart is so much bigger everyday because of comments like these.... so I thank you! 
Sheng, I thought of you when we went to MN last week! Someone sang ur "Ib sim neej" song at church! Of-course the christian version but it was same music and all that good stuff. I didn't even know it was my sil's favorite song, so I had to throw in the I know the original singer and fans galore poured out! kekeke (Stephanie Kue) 
**Hi Sheng,You were so great on tv! I watched with my mom and she said you looked too young for your age. I told her that you are just living healthy and happy!  I wanted to thank you for your feedback today. It will be a challenge for me in the remaining weeks as I work on "revamping" my work. Dyeing and prints are my passion, so I value the critiques from a different perspective of the industry. Thank you again for sharing with us your vision and passion. I have to say that I was holding in my tears during the meeting as to not kill the mood! It's been a challenge transitioning back home, but meeting you today was a blessing; it's made me see that I am here at this time and place for a reason (Song Vue) 
**Thank You for Sharing Sheng, You are officially my new Idol. Thank You for your inspirational Story. (Sendy Lauj) 
**tks for the add...ur truely an inspiration to all Hmong Girls in the Fashion Industry. i really never knew that someone like u existed in the hmong community until i watch Hmong Tv....u really made a great example plus u have amazing talent...nice meeting u too (Melinda Xiong) 
**Hi Sheng, you are truly an amazing woman and I'm honored to meet such a talented down to earth loving person like you. I'm also honored to work with you and learn from you. You are one of a kind (honest, confident, bold, yet loving, patient, and so willing to give and share yourself to the world to make a difference) and I love that about you. Hopefully one day I can be as confident as you to do the same. Thank you for giving your precious time with all of us. I can honestly say, our God is so proud of you. +_+ Have a wonderful Mother's Day! (Sam Ulep) 
**Hi Sheng! It was a pleasure to meet you and I just gotta say you are such an inspiration and super glad you are the producer. Had a great time during the rehearsal and I learned tons! Until next time again! Have a good night! (: (Julia Vang)
**Sheng, it was soo great to meet u and had the chance to know u during the HMF fashion meet.. Ur such an inspiration, but I'm sure u get that all the time.. Its such an honor to work along side someone like urself.. I would like to tag along on some of ur adventures/ volunteer/ etc because it would be such a great experience and insight into what i would imagen myself doing in the near future.. feel free to contact me anytime.. again it was great meeting u today!! (MJ Vang)
**It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday! Chatting together was probably the highlight of my day haha. If there are any volunteer opportunities over the summer, please let me know. Thanks Sheng, hopefully we'll meet again soon (Ivanna Diaz)
**I heard of you from your sister Kashia and did you ladies know Sheng Moua IS THE Sheng Moua from Voltage - Ib Sim Neeg? BEAUTIFUL VOICE!**Yes she is the sheng moua that sang with Paul from Voltage. Sheng you have such an amazing voice! (Lilly Yang)
**Welcome! I am so excited to have you here=) I see you are a shoe fanatic like me! And I loveeeee your voice! You are inspirational. Lol. I wish I could just change career fields;) How did you get started?Lol. See, my shoe display is not nearly as nice as hers. I have them in boxes, in the closet, and under the bed still=( As of today. I am at 278. Me and Sheng are going to really great buddies! (Maila Vaaj)
**Shang I like your blog (Chase Kuo G) 
**Hello Sheng, it was really nice meeting you today at the meeting. It is so nice to hear a little side of your story, such an inspiration. I hope you'll still remember who I am. And Thanks for sharing! Your such a strong person. This is Kia Lor, btw .. I will be helping w/the make up along side with my two cousins for the show, pang & yer. Def. nice meeting you and I am so excited! Take care and see you soon (Kinat Lor)
**Hi Sheng, I don't know if you remember me but I was one of the models you met on Saturday. I left early and I didn't get the chance to say bye to you. It was a pleasure to meet you, you are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your past experience and Happy Mother's Day to you! (Nancy T Thao)
**Hmf runway and also hello :) I had an amazing time yesterday and if it wasn't for you, I would have never known how to walk differently and all the different scales of the fashion world. Coming from a small town and hearing all your struggles you had to get where you are now, was inspiring to hear.Thank you for sharing a peice of your soul and passion (Linda Moxley) 
**Hi Sheng!!! :) I just want to Thank You and your time with us all this past Saturday!!
It was a pleasure meeting you and can I just say, you boosted my confidence and will power to do anything I want :).I would love to be able to share my passion in our Hmong community and expand it to everyone else as well. I cannot thank you enough for all your words and inspiration. Please please keep me informed of your events and volunteer projects. I would love to learn more from you and learn to find ME for myself and my community as well. Thank you again and hope to talk to you again soon!! -(Lee Lor)
**Have you ever felt like there is someone in your life you don't speak of often enough but he/she makes a difference in your life in ways that shouldn't go ignored? Well I am feeling that way this morning. :) Sheng Moua inspires me to keep my life balanced with God, fashion, family, friends, and "me" time. When I am down in the slumps or feeling overwhelmed, seeing her daily posts on FB and reading her blogs are a great reminder to enjoy life, be positive, spiritual and love myself physically and mentally. It's a blessing to know Sheng! Thank you Sheng. :) (Chia Vang)

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