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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hmong Music Festival

First of all, I'm so sorry that I've been so MIA on my blog..  When it rains, it pours!! I've never been so busy in life.. but its so wonderful to be busy with something your heart so desires for and that is Passion, your own personal passion. I am tired because I also have a full time job, and I'm still very active in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry in SoCal,  but I'm never too tired when it comes to something I LOVE to do...  It all comes from doing what you love and the passion that truly drives you even when every single part of your body tells you to sleep by 2am because you have to be up by 5am for work!! ....... haha.. I love it! Ok so on to my first official blog.

I am producing a fashion show for the Hmong Music Festival (HMF) in Fresno, CA on May 26th from 12pm to 12am midnight! Why in Fresno you ask? Well, incase you don't know my ethnicity, I am Hmong. We are a descendant of the Chinese family but we are not Chinese (I hope that makes sense).  I will dedicate a blog solely on my culture if anyone is interested... but.. let's move on.  Majority of the Hmong community lives in the Central Valley (here in California anyway) so Fresno is usually the hub of all Hmong community events.  

HMF is the first and the biggest Music Festival that the Hmong community will have ever seen or be part of. I've been singing since the age of 15 and never would I have ever thought this day would come so soon.  Why? Because we are a very small community compared to other asian communities and our huge events are still run by a more "cultural traditional" mentality.  Don't get me wrong, I love my culture and the morals and values that comes from it, but I just know that the time is here for change and movement for the new generation.  We've been in the United States since 1975 and its now 2012.....  If you want to see movement for the future of our community, ladies and gentlemen.. the time is now! The future is here and HMF is the driving force behind it.  Although this will be the first year of an event that'll last and keep growing even bigger and better, we know there's a lot of pressure and a lot of doubt.  All we are asking is for everyone to have an open heart and an open mind so that we can show our future leaders (our kids) that WE made that change for them. We are the new generation and it is now up to us to lead the pack.  

HMF is not affiliated with any of the Hmong New Year or Hmong non-profit organizations in Fresno.  HMF is run by an amazing group of young achievers, believers and a mixture of men and women. They are full of hope and very very selfless.  They are young, but that's why we were brought here to the States right? To have a proper education, to learn how to flourish amongst those that already do...  These young leaders are a true testimony to why we should open up our hearts and support what our future will become.  This might spark a new group to do something else to help the Hmong community grow even more...  whatever it is, its a start and I'm so proud to be part of this team.  Yes, we have a lot of pressure and a lot to prove, but no matter the outcome, the most important thing I want everyone to get from this event is that someone stepped out and "tried".....  "I'd rather try and fail then fail trying at all" - I'm sure you've all heard that saying before.. and that's what HMF is all about... They are trying to help our generation grow into something bigger and better.  

I live in SoCal, which is not as Hmong populated as the Central and Northern areas of California.  Although I am mostly in the LA area, I still participate in many of the Hmong events.  I've been a Hmong vocalist since I was 15, had the chance to tour America with a a band that's carved their way into our history: Voltage.  I've had my 15 mins of fame grazing magazine covers, featured on the radio, received awards, have a few albums out and to part of a duet that will last forever "Ib Sim Neej"... but nothing compares to how our new generation's going to be.  We opened up the gates to music but HMF is opening up the gates to all facets of art, such as Fashion, Beauty in hair and makeup, Dance, Music, mentoring, coaching and teaching musical instruments, promoting our DJ's, and mostly shining a light to the art of what started it all... the musicians and the vocalists of yesterday and today.  The true message behind it all is empowerment and taking self initiative to believe in yourself and own the artist in you! 

The Festival is going to be a family event that involves everything from the Fashion show to boot camps, hands-on interactive games, sponsored events, fashion styling sessions (by myself), vocal lessons, DJ lessons...... you name it, its all going to be at the Festival.. We encourage everyone to bring their kids because they are our future leaders. Let them come and experience a day of joy, excitement and a movement that can say they too were a part of! I am so proud of the team, the concept, the movement and finally.. I can't say this enough... the Change for the betterment of our community! 

There is an initial entrance fee of 15.00 and all kids age 10 and under are free.  This is a Hmong driven event but its open to the public so please come and support us and encourage us to also be part of the mainstream world of art.  We are already in it, but we are scattered all over the world and HMF has found a way to bring us all together! You will truly be amazed.. or at least walk away with a sense that change is possible and you too can make a difference. The Fashion Show is also offering a very limited VIP seating for an additional $10.00 which will also come with a free gift bag.  The Fashion Event room has a very limited seating capacity and it starts right at 1pm so you MUST be there early.  Additional to that, there will be a red carpet event that starts off the Festival so come early to see all your favorite artists, musicians and me (wink) on the red carpet! This is your time to be face to face with some of your favorite artists from other parts of the world! 

The Fashion Show first and foremost is produced and sponsored by myself, Sheng Moua,  "REVIVED" and "My Decor by Dong".  We have 10 amazing Fashion Designers and an amazing backstage crew that'll make this event blow your socks off.  I know I can't do it alone, no one can.... HMF is all about collaboration and allowing the artist in all of us to shine and this is what the Fashion Show is all about! The show is "HMF Rock meets Runway!" What does that mean? This is NOT your typical fashion show...  yes we are showcasing the designers but the models themselves are also an artist too.  This event will allow them to become the artist of a model, an actor and a chance to express who they are as well.  We will have a live DJ who will showcase his own creativity with the music of the show.  Its going to be a very fun filled event but the most important part of the show will be the message behind every single artist on that stage, from myself to the designers, the models, the volunteers, the backstage crew to you, our audience members! Come watch and have fun, but also come and open up your heart to the messages we have behind the show and the clothes....  I am producing the show, and I can promise you that this will be a show that you'll walk away with knowing you were a part of something amazing.  It'll be a show that encompasses not only the beauty of the Fashion world, or the vision of HMF but the messages we are hoping to share with all of you. Let us open up your eyes to how we (You and I)  can partake in helping our kids thrive for the future of our community! 

Come support me, your favorite designer(s), artist(s), your friend(s)....  whomever it is, JUST COME!! Be a part of the movement of change for our future. 

For more information and ticket info, go to the links below: 

Youtube promotional HMF videos: 

***** I hope to see you all there and meet all of you at my booth! 

Come out and support the Hmong Community by being involved as well.  This will be the first but an opening of what's so much more ahead...  

Oh... btw, did I mention that everyone involved in this event is "volunteering?" including me!...... Giving back to our community, that's what HMF is all about!

Hmoob Sib Pab Hmoob! See you there my beautiful people!

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