Sheng Moua

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to my "Prince"

I've been so busy with work lately and with May being the busiest of all months, its been hard to keep up with my personal life at times.  I know that my work is important but my priorities are my loved ones first and foremost.  May 6th was my husband's birthday and I knew that his only wish was for me to "stop working" so much and spend some quality time with him.  I felt bad that he even had to ask because it must have meant that I was working way too much (which I was and still am).  I wanted to give him something really nice to add on to his Armani collection but he just wanted me.  I knew I needed some real quality time with him too. I was working so much, I was getting to the point where my body was just a zombie walking around, so the "quality time" was not only for him but I needed it too.  We had an amazing time because our great friends, Derek and Alizara took Aidan for the day so we had mostly all of Saturday together alone.  I surprised him with dinner reservations at STK (Thanks Yvette for reminding me that this restaurant was amazing. I eat at The Belmont all the time and forgot that STK was right next door).  On Sunday, I solely dedicated myself to whatever Prince wanted to do because it was his official birth-date! After an early morning at church, we had lunch with a group of amazing friends then we we spent the day at the Air Show in Chino, followed by an hour wait for "The Avengers" and finally getting home around 10pm.  It was such an amazing day with my boys but I forgot how great it was to sleep at 11pm.  It was such an amazing weekend and I am so in love with my husband, the most perfect partner ever. He is so thoughtful, selfless and cares so much for us.  Aidan and I are so happy to have him in our lives. He's our backbone and without him, I know I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today...  Living through my passion.  He gave up so much so I can follow my dream and I am forever indebted to him...  I love you so much babe! 

We had an amazing time and I loved my Aldo Snake Skin heels.... so sexy! 

This was the best bread and cilantro/oil dip ever! Throw away the buttah! 

This table was right in front of us and it was so funny to see that they were all
on their phones..... LOL technology alright! Too funny... I had to

Happy Birthday My love!

BTW, STK was so good, I highly recommend it.. and our waitress was
the exact resemblance of Anne Hathaway..!


Sunday: Happy Birthday Babe! 

Amazing day!!! 


  1. Those people at the other table were just "checking in" :)

    You look great, Sheng!

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wish I could be there... I miss you all... looks like brother had a great birthday :)