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Monday, May 14, 2012

HMF Fashion Show Updates

As you know, I am currently in the middle of a Fashion Show production phenomenon that's going to happen on May 26th in Fresno California.  We have an amazing group of young designers who has lots of passion, hope and desire for a higher level of creation in transforming who they are and the collections they plan to showcase.  Everyone has a full time job and most of them are still full-time students.  They are taking time to design part time for this amazing event and I am so proud of them.

This past weekend, May 12th was our first official meet and greet, rehearsal and fitting session.  I, along with a few others, are from SoCal, some from Sacramento and Fresno.  The show is in Fresno so that's where we all gathered.  It was such an amazing day and what an honor it was for me, in one day, to meet so many amazing, amazing ladies with such talent, beauty and passion for what they do and for where they want to go with their careers.

We had a vast group of individuals who were designing, modeling, hair, makeup artists and volunteering for the first time and I'm just so happy that they've chosen this event to do so.  I am so happy with our HMF Fashion Cast and Crew and I sure hope they are happy with the direction we are headed.  As the models can tell you from our past rehearsal, this is not going to be your "typical" fashion show, but more of a "show that showcases fashion" - It means, we are putting on a show that showcases not only the fashion, but the person behind it as well... Without giving it away, you surely do not want to miss this show.

I wanted to also take this time to welcome our official DJ for the show.. His name is Larry Chang, aka DJ Peekaboo, all the way from Sacramento. I never thought it would be so hard to find the "RIGHT" DJ for the show, but after speaking with 4 different DJs, Peekaboo was perfect and he was as passionate as I was and was ready to take part of something super amazing! I know, I'm a little bias because I'm producing it... but I am my very own #1 fan so I guess I'd have to root for myself as well.. (wink, wink).  All kidding aside,  we are so happy and honored to have DJ Peekaboo, an amazing mobile DJ, join us..  I am looking forward to an awesome show with a wonderful cast and crew!


Here are some photos from our rehearsal on May 12th..  More to come..
(See more photos from my Facebook page:

All Photos are courtesy of Jeremy Chaimontree of Jem Chaimontree Photography.


  1. Super cool!! I'm so excited for you! I hope to see many videos on YouTube of this event!!

    1. Thank hun! I hope there's videos galore! :)