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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going down memory lane with "The Hansens"

I have some more pulls and returns to do today but after being on set yesterday with a whole new team and my Jesse by my side, it really made me miss two very important individuals whose truly made an impact on my life as a Stylist and Creative Director. I was going through photos of some of my older work and it just really made me miss my days at Studio 1. Bastian is the amazing photographer behind Studio 1 in LA and Lidia is his wife and Art Director. Last year they moved out of the states for work and we don't get to see them anymore. I just wanted to show some of the work that I did with them, two of the most humble and passionate people I know. They are not your typical "Hollywood" couple, but only the most friendliest and giving friends that you can't help but love, couple. Bastian has an eye like no other and Lidia is the brain that makes their world go round (ours too).  We hung out at Studio 1 so much that we started calling ourselves "The Studio Junkies" It was the best time of my career because it was at Studio 1 that I got to be me. They allowed me to be creative, share my voice and I even had FIDM classes visit me there for lighting and studio etiquette as a Stylist. It was truly a time that I will hold in my heart forever. 

Studio 1 was sort of my home away from home. We created magic together and I would do it all over again in a minute. I learned so much from them and I will always cherish the love they genuinely gave to us. 

So to the Hansens...  I miss you guys and I hope you return back to the states soon so we can have our Junkie dinners and get togethers again. Thank you for your continued support even when you are miles and miles away. Love you both!  

To the Hansen angels, we miss you little ladies too. Stay young forever! 

Here are some work I did with them: Side Note: The Hansens were the only photographers that always and I mean "always" does a group shot at the end. I have to admit, I looked forward to the group shots the most because by the time the shoot ends, the team (new and old) have already bonded and it's time to get silly and play.... Awh, the best of times!  

This was my very shoot I did with them and the rest was history
Blouse and Shorts: Marciano 
One of the first "group" shots I did with the Hansens. Who knew it would
become a series in it's own. 

Music Artist Justin Nozuka and his guitarist Mark

This was group shot after our quick session with musician Justin Nozuka and Tight Rope Magazine
Our first ad campaign for chicbuds and first time working
with the fabulous Mike Rose who had just moved to LA from Seattle.
Mikey and I met before he even moved down. 
He's now a signed model with Vision and Kaley is with Pinkerton
I love you Mikey, come visit soon.

Faux Fur Coat Designed by Jesse Lopez 

Ad Campaign for Tiger Underwear 

With our lovely Lyndsay and MUA Elisabet 

Love those boots Lidia and dang GINA, you look HOT.. I don't know about 
the rest of us.. omg, how we have changed! lol 

I love and miss our little family..  


  1. hiks... We both humbled by your love lady. Thank you again for everything. It is beyond amazing to see each one of us moving forward into the direction that we have been dreaming of for so long.
    Just remember, when journey gets heavy... keep your dream close to your heart, your eyes on the target and your spirit keep burning within.... we will always cheer you on from the sidelines. Always....

    much love,
    the Hansens'

  2. Thank you Lidia... I always think of you guys when times are tough and "what would the Hansens say about this?" I thank god for you guys everyday!

  3. awwww I'm glad we all made some beautiful memories together.... I miss everyone