Sheng Moua

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten Things You Don't Know About Me....

I was tagged with this in FB a while ago but I never got a chance to reply. This is a good kick-start to "Getting to know me"....  

1.    I am a little OCD with counting things 
2.    I have a fear of mermaids 
3.    I have a mole under my chin that I've learned to love 
4.    I can speak a little bit of Spanish
5.    I talk to myself (a lot.. hehe) 
6.    I am born on April 10th but on official paperwork, my birthday is April 12th 
7.    I am scared of boredom... (The last time I was bored, I went back to school for my MBA) 
8.    I am White Hmong but am also fluent in Green because my parents are one of each
9.    My real name is "Txee Yee" but my dad spelled it "Sheng"   
10.  I am afraid to fail my parents (even at this age)  

 Lots of love! 

Txee Yee aka - Sheng 


  1. Who isn't afraid of mermaids...! :)

    ~Art a la Rue
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    1. Hi Andrea, thanks for visiting! I love your site and am following you now.. :)