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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer NEON Polishes and Trends....

It's been quite the summer lately. The heat here in Southern California is really reaching the hundreds. I have so much "shopping" (for work) to do but I dread stepping out into the heat.  Watermelon has been our number 1 snack and my ever so loving Sparkling water hits the spot with a dash of lemon. 

I love how the wonderful Spring trend has extended into Summer. Floral prints and Neon accents have truly gone full circle.  I am a child of the 80's so these 2 trends have always been a staple in my closet. I actually have a bright Neon Yellow bag that I haven't even carried yet. I must find the perfect outfit soon! I'm also looking forward to getting pattern, mostly floral print tights because I love wearing tights under a larger sized tunic, v-neck t-shirt or under one of my longer silk collared shirts.  Neons, tights and straight legged pastel jeans are my current obsession at this moment.  

I've been changing my nail polish at least once a week "just because". I think I'm going to change back to my Neon Pink for this coming week because it just brings out my tan even more. I'm naturally tan but Neon just takes my skin color up a notch.  It also accents outfits that I would have never thought to pair up together. I have to admit, I've been a lot more riskier lately so playing is name of the game. I just love all the brights of this season.  

In addition to nail polish, I've also been so obsessed with Vintage Sunglasses. I've been picking up high and low end sunnies solely because they look good.  Sometimes you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on one pair because there are so many cute ones for 1/2 the price! Remember, it's not how much it costs, but how you put it together that matters...  

American Apparel - 3 for $15.00

I usually use my BUTTER by LONDON base coat, then I use 2 coats
of polish and finish the BUTTER top coat. It's not gel, but it works
just as well.  Since I change my nail polish so much, a week is very long for me!

BUTTER by LONDON Nail polishes run $14.00 a bottle but I got the special
2 (Base and Top Coat) for $25.00. The nail polish is also a favorite of mine
and goes on very smooth and is also a longer lasting polish as well. 

Sunnies by Coach 
Vintage Sunnies from my Wardrobe Kit
My Oliver Peoples "The Chelsea" 
Vintage frames from Vegas 
Vintage Sunnies from Trendyhipbuys

Baroque Prada Replica l Real ones here
Michael Kors 
Same Vintage Frames from above - Reminds me of Tom Ford frames 
Venice Beach Vintage Find
Vintage Sunnies I found in Vegas
Vintage Sunnies I bought in LA

I love the summer sometimes solely for the Sunnies! 

Stay Cool! 


  1. I too love neon colors for my nails this summer. There is definately something in the air. that bursts neon colors lol love the glasses as well girl!!!