Sheng Moua

Monday, July 2, 2012

A "mini" dash of pink

Yesterday was a spur of the moment kind of day.  We were planning on visiting some family members in LA but I was supposed to hang out with my BFF (She didn't know haha).  Well, little did I know but the BFF's phone was lost (like always) so I never got ahold of her.  The boys were heading out to the beach (I've already gone to twice within the last month) so I just wasn't in the mood to be at the beach again. We were at Huntington in Orange County, Venice in LA then now they wanted to head out to Santa Monica. I really shouldn't complain right? I'm not, but I just didn't want to go to the beach because tomorrow we'll be heading out to our timeshare hotel in Vegas with a gigantic pool.  Once again,  we will be in the water because this pool is just super super amazing..(Photos to come!) - No wonder I'm so dark! So anyway, the beach was the last thing on my mind.. until they said "Korean BBQ!" - Yeah it's my weakness! I waited for the BFF's call which never came so I just "tagged" along with my boys.  It was hot and I wasn't planning on getting into the water so I just slipped on this mini skirt I've had in my closet for several months now along with my ever so favorite fedora and off we went.  It's the first mini I've worn all summer!

Enjoy our photos of Santa Monica: Btw, I had an AHMAZING time with the family and I'm so glad I ended up going with them.  BFF finally called me about 6 hours later, then she saw that we were at Korean BBQ... haha next time.

Top: At The Feet l Skirt: Target l Shoes: Free Press l Cardigan: H&M
Necklace: Goodwill find l Earrings: Bliss l Fedora: TJMaxx l Watch: NY&CO
Bag: Vintage l Sunnies: Venice Beach find l Bracelets: Goodwill find

Korean BBQ in Korea Town 

Done at KTown and full! Onto the Beach!! 

Love was in the AIR at Santa Monica

Had an amazing day/evening!


  1. Hi Sheng! Just wanted to say I love all your posts!

    1. Thanks girls! Oh I gotta follow yours too!

    2. Are you following my blog? lol I can't find your follow button

    3. I don't think so. I will have to add. I usually just wait for ur fb updates. Lol

    4. I don't think so. I will have to add. I usually just wait for ur fb updates. Lol

  2. Family & SoCal are always a great mix! I'm glad you had a great time despite all the "beachin'" you could do. ;) Happy 4th of July, beautiful!

    1. lol I know right? I love it here.. It's going to be sooo HOT in Vegas I already know it, but so looking forward to it.. Happy 4th to you too!